So dark, so dark and deep the secret that you keep
Ailla Morgan Fay | Ancient Runes Assistant Professor | Ex-Slytherin | Pureblood | Nobilis Liberum supporter

Legilimency, wandless magic, attempting to become Animagus one day

Ailla was on her way to theForbiddenforest. She has always found it quite amusing, calling such a beautiful place ‘forbidden’ and maybe it was the name that made it even more appealing. More importantly, it reminded her of home, the green meadows and forests of Cornwall she missed so much, here in the north.

On her way down, she met Nathan, the groundkeeper. He was in his better mood, at least she thought so, and offered to accompany Ailla on her walk. She agreed, not entirely sure, why. Being it someone else, she would probably refuse, knowing they would require her attention and conversation, which wasn’t something she sought in the woods. She wanted to fuse with the nature, to feel the grass under her feet, to hear the breeze above her head. Because that’s what she has been taught.

She kept walking towards the forest, leaving the groundkeeper one step behind.